Diseño de ventanas

  • Aluminium.
  • PVC.
  • English Bars.
The minimalist sliding window is characterised by its rigidity, rectangular shape, architectural and technological suitability with technical and aesthetic guarantees.

Consistent with architectural designs where constructions have the premise of less is more, forming harmonious, uncluttered and transparent spaces.

Aluminium Windows

OTIIMA's aluminium windows provide a minimalist experience, reducing visual barriers, leaving clean spaces, which transmit unique experiences, unifying the surrounding objects.

From Sidglass we seek to offer the best service, looking for visual excellence, turning every room in your home into an ideal place.

PVC windows

PVC windows are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The advantage of PVC windows is their high level of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Which will allow you to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere, without renouncing to the design, so that it adapts to the perfection to each space following the harmony of the same one.

Windows with English Bars

Do you want to give your windows a unique design? From Sidglass we offer you windows with bars, which are aluminium profiles that are placed inside the CLIMALIT thus achieving a more personalized design.

With the bars you can create a multitude of simple shapes, among which we can find diamond-shaped, curved, lying or much simpler designs, adapting it to each space.